Watch Packers Game Online

I honestly cannot believe the lack of options available to watch the Green Bay Packers games online. I searched high and low on forums and in google, and could never find a good live streaming feed.

CLICK HERE to Watch the Green Bay Packers Live Online

Fortunately, I stumbled upon a secret software program that gave me instant access to over 3,000 online channels. And yes, they are plenty of Packers and NFL games, which is mainly what I want to watch anyway. But, there is also a lot of movies, shows, history, news, weather, entertainment, foreign channels, and a bunch of other stuff that I haven't even got to yet.

And, it's easy to use, which comes in handy for me, because I'm not real great on the computer. I have found out that you will need DSL, cable, or wifi internet of some sort because it doesn't work very well with dial-up internet (my buddy found this out the hard way). That's really the only bad thing about it.

Here's how I got live Green Bay Packers games:

Download the software here. It will take you through the entire installation, which is very easy, I might add. I think I was watching last week's packer game within 5-10 minutes after getting the software set up on my 2001 dell. That's another great thing. You don't have to have some fancy pc or mac. It works well with any computer.

Go Packers!